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F.A.Q. s


Here are some of the questions I'm asked most often. Hopefully this will clear up some of your queries. If you feel you still have questions left unanswered, please                         (Lisa@Fabric8Slipcovers.com). I often find myself too busy to stop for phone calls. If you call (239) 634-386. please leave a message including your EMAIL ADDRESS.  Text photos of your furniture to this number as well. Schedule a free phone consultation              !

01   Which fabrics are most durable?

Any of the Hemp fabrics are going to be the most durable you'll find. Runners up would be the 12-14 oz Denim fabrics.

02   Which fabrics are best as far as stain protection?


Crypton makes some beautiful fabrics that they brag to be "Bulletproof" and I have to say they are. Sunbrella and Outdura fabrics are some other great fabrics that don't allow stains to penetrate.


On any other fabrics, it would be a good idea to use a spray fabric protectant, such as Vectra or 303 High Tech. They allow water to bead up for a while, but then rub off with normal wash/wear and need to be reapplied after 3-4 wash cycles.

03   What if I want a print fabric?


I offer print fabrics, from Premier Prints, Covington, Outdura and Sunbrella. Or if you've already fell in love with something else, let me know your choices and I'll let you know if it would be an appropriate slipcover fabric, as well as give you an estimate including your chosen fabric. I have accounts with many suppliers and can normally save you some money.

04  Can you  use my fabric?


I'd be happy to work with your fabric! I have a special price for this called C.O.M. (Client's Own Material). I can also give you an estimate including fabric you've found elsewhere, or I can give you a yardage estimate and a C.O.M. price.                               Let me know the fabric manufacturer and print name, as well as the furniture piece and number of cushions for an estimate.

05   How do I wash/care for my slipcovers?


All slipcover are machine washable. Being able to wash them is one of the main reasons to have a slipcover, so I preshrink in the hottest wash and dry possible before cutting, There could still be a 3-5% residual shrinkage regardless of my best efforts to prevent it, so I would suggest removing from the dryer white seams are still damp, or, better yet, skip the dryer and let them dry on your furniture. This has the added benefit of allowing them to create a form fit to your furniture as they dry. The easiest way to press them is to iron right on your furniture.


Vinegar, peroxide, or salt are good for cleaning stains.  Diluted peroxide is safe for light colors. An oxy cleaner would also be good for stains.





06   To bleach or not to bleach my WHITE slipcovers?


A few things I've learned about water hardness and white fabrics:

  - With softened water, a bit of bleach would keep a white slipcover bright white.

  - Water with a high iron content, it's not recommended to use chlorine bleach. Combined with iron and hot water, it can yellow fabric. A better choice is detergent with a bleach alternative and use the maximum amount recommended. Or you can increase the cleaning power of your detergent by adding a laundry booster, such as (20-mule team) borax or (oxy-clean) oxygen bleach to help maintain whiteness.

  - If you have city water and no water softener, you probably have semi-hard water. If you seem to have very few bubbles when you do dishes, it’s because of the iron content. The more soap bubbles, the softer the water.

   - If your water is particularly hard, you may not be able to get white pristine without installing a water softener, which removes minerals.

It would be a good idea to use a spray fabric protectant, such as Vectra or 303 High Tech. They allow water to bead up for a while, but then rub off with normal wash/wear and need to be reapplied after 3-4 wash cycles.

07   How do I put my new slipcover on?



I've created an installation guide that you can download or print for future use:




08   How do you approach attached back cushions?

There are 2 ways to deal with attached back pillows. My preference is to make an insert/liner for the back pillow filling and make them ‘unattached’. The final effect is a much more custom look than the alternative of having all the cushions behind a single flat fabric piece.  Generally, the attached back cushions have a zipper hidden along the bottom edge to make it easy to take the filling out. With the insert/liner for your pillow fill, you don’t have to rearranging the filling each time you launder your slipcover.